Terms and conditions

This press release contains all the legal terms and conditions that govern the Web site ITSONLYMINE.COM. By accessing this site you accept and allow ITSONLYMINE.COM expressly to comply with all terms contained in the declaration. If you do not agree, please do not use the site. Access to and use of the site is available only for personal use, you can download product information and purchase merchandise, display its pages, in providing and, simultaneously, provide us with information. And then use the web space reserved at the company ITSONLYMINE named "ITSONLYMINE" located at URL http://www.itsonlymine.com are subject to the following rules.


ITSONLYMINE declines any responsibility regarding the possibility that, due to a particular configuration or malfunction of the client's computer, there may be slight differences in colour of the products presented on the site than the original. The images contained on ITSONLYMINE.COM are the exclusive property of ITSONLYMINE. Any use of these images, not authorized by a written consent of SOC. referable to ITSONLYMINE, will be prosecuted according to law. ITSONLYMINE is official dealer for all products and all brands that are offered for sale on this site. The availability of the item decorum on the site ITSONLYMINE.COM reproduces exactly the assortment available within the company as the website is connected to the factory that produces exclusively for ITSONLYMINE.COM.


The company that owns the website ITSONLYMINE.COM so is all the content including, without limitation, the works, images, photographs, music, shapes, logos and any other material in any format, released on ITSONLYMINE.COM. Any material on the site ITSONLYMINE.COM is copyrighted and, therefore, it is prohibited any form of reproduction, copying, alteration or to third parties without the written consent from the company due to ITSONLYMINE.COM.

Terms of sale

The customer who wishes to make a purchase on the site ITSONLYMINE.COM should be registered to the portal. By clicking on the button responsible for the confirmation of order the customer declares to accept, without reservation, these conditions of sale. Product prices include VAT, and are given in the product data sheets. While we have made reasonable efforts to correctly display the colors of products on the Web Store, we cannot guarantee that these will be reproduced in an absolutely loyal.

The prices in the shop ONLYMADEINITALY ASSISI may vary compared to the online shop.

Payment methods are:

Credit card
Bank Transfer.

The Bank provides for payment on bank account held by the owner of ITSONLYMINE.COM In this case, upon receipt of the bank transfer, the order will be confirmed to the customer by email and your order will be sent to the address indicated in the order. Credit card payments and PayPal are immediate, the information you provide will be transferred using secure protocols to affiliated banks, so that ITSONLYMINE can not in any way have access to the data. All credit/debit card holders are subject to confirmation and authorisation by the card issuer. If the issuer of your card refuses to authorise payment we will not accept your order and we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery or obliged to give explanations about the reasons for the refusal. We will not be responsible if necessary commissions charged by the card issuer or Bank responsible for processing credit/debit card payment in accordance with your order. After the registred payment ITSONLYMINE will carry out the shipment of the order. Failure by the user of the obligations assumed under these terms of sale may result, depending on the severity of the crimes committed, the removal from the website, without prejudice to the right to take legal action on the part of ITSONLYMINE the payment of damages. You should also always bear in mind that the original product undergoes a digital presentation and it is possible that the perception of the customer can be misled with respect to the actual product.

Right to return and refund

All custom products do not benefit from the right of withdrawal as the generic ones, so the costumer can exercise, within 14 days after the date of delivery of the product to the replacement if, after an evaluation is made together with the customer service, concludes that there are defects such as to justify replacement. The right of withdrawal may be exercised with respect to certain products and services mentioned in art. 55, legislative decree 206/2005 (consumers ' code).

The above code also provides that the user cannot exercise the right of withdrawal in case of supply of certain goods and services including the following:

Custom or personalized items

The customer, when the article is generic, must show its intention to exercise the right of cancellation by e-mail to custormerservice@itsonlymine.com, indicating in the order number and the abbreviation "Return". We will then e-mail you the "return form" which must be completed in its entirety and attachment to returned products. The right of withdrawal is exercised by the return of the product at its own expense, to the address in the appropriate module called "Return form". In order to benefit from the right of withdrawal you must make the shipment within 14 days from the date of delivery of the products to be properly packed. Verified that the returned product is conforms to the above specifications, the ITSONLYMINE will after checking the status of the returned items to pay within 15 days after delivery of the same the amount paid for the purchase, using the same payment method used by the customer at the time of purchase.


The shipment will be entrusted to a carrier chosen by ITSONLYMINE and across the country will have a monthly fee that starts at € 7.00. For orders placed during the sales period and containing products on sale and shipping cost on the part from 15.00 € for the whole Italy regardless of the amount of shipment in the cart. Costs for shipments outside Italy differ depending on the destination country and are regulated by the cost table inserted in the cart at checkout. The shipment is usually made within 2 working days and is guaranteed within 5 working days from order confirmation date, except in cases of force majeure, in the case of personalized objects the delivery period runs from 5 working days to 25 working days if it’s about the special pieces . In case you did not receive the delivery within the time aforesaid, you shall communicate to customerservice@itsonlymine.com, the failure of deliver indicating in the subject the nr. of the order and "not delivered". ITSONLYMINE will initiate an investigation at the carrier used and give reply within 21 days. If delivery is not completed, you will be refunded the total order including shipping costs. If delivery of a product does not conform with that ordered, ITSONLYMINE agrees to deliver a product which is identical to the one ordered, subject to the availability of stock or to deliver a quality product and price. For requests of this nature, please send an email to customerservice@itsonlymine.com indicating in the subject no order and the term "Not-conform". For any controversy the competent court is that of Perugia.


ITSONLYMINE.COM cares about protecting your privacy. In addition to engage consistently in the protection of sensitive data stored in our archives, we adopt all policies necessary to avoid, if you hadn't explicitly consented to do so, to disclose information about you to third parties or send you unsolicited commercial information.