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Why buying on ITSONLYMINE?

Easy to use-UNIQUE service

ITSONLYMINE is simple to navigate and use, but at the same time is an innovative system that allows you to make special your contact with us by personalizing the items purchased by you, plus you can get significant discounts with coupon codes transmitted by your sponsors who are our special customers, loyal and rewarded.

So simply you get a UNIQUE service


Unique Personalized pieces at  a tiny little price

Our feature is that each piece can be personalized, just like a suit "tailored" for the person to whom it is intended, thus leaving the "massification" and being considered in their individuality and importance at a tiny little price and this is our real challenge.


Safe Purchase is obvious

Once you have placed items in the shopping cart, you can choose between different payment methods. You can pay for your order through PayPal and Bank Transfer.

By inserting your sponsors coupon code you will get a very interesting 30% discount, if you don't have one, contact us. To every purchase is assigned a serial number with which you it’s possible to follow its progress until delivery.


Insured shipping

On ITSONLYMINE you have the tranquility of being able to order your personalized ceramics with an insured shipping that guarantees the replacement , at our own expense, of the items that might arrive broken or chipped. For the delivery of your order it will take from 5 to 30 working days.


Complete customer service

We have a wide range of services to allow you to contact us quickly and anywhere. An efficient customer care without long waiting times.

You can contact us through the number +39/ 075-372-64-64 or e-mail

We are available to answer your questions from 10.00 to 16.00, Monday to Friday.


Your personal online shopper-your sponsor

On ITSONLYMINE.COM we cultivate a passion to work for those who know the worth, for those who deserve to have and use in their daily lives, a unique object, different, sensational, designed and realized  just for him.

Please contact us with confidence and we will advise you the items that are able to enhance your own personality or that of the people you love in the best way.

You can also ask your sponsor who referred you to us, and who knows the validity, uniqueness and the positive energy  that our ceramics emanates, designed and realized only for you.

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We will be at your disposal with a full and personalized service.