About Us

Between Assisi and Bastia Umbra right in the middle of the green heart of Italy ITSONLYMINE is the result of the encounter between the craftsmanship of the famous Umbrian pottery producing areas and over twenty years of experience in the field of quality gifts and the touristic, of its founders.

ITSONLYMINE is the flavor of the challenge, being able to achieve what the big brands have failed to do, personalize their products for the end client, is the Positive Energy that comes from the merger of the four natural elements from which it originates any substance that make up the matter: fire, air, water, Earth encased in every single piece of ceramics produced , is the taste of classic beauty and contemporary, is the originality of "tailor made" made out of each piece.

ITSONLYMINE has it all, a great little laboratory where a ceramic object becomes something unique, like a tailored suit made to measure for its owner. An owner who knows the own value, that deserves to own and use in his daily live, a different, unique, stunning, designed and realized just for him.

The brand created by Valemax Italy achieved a dream: to create unique pieces, personalized for all those that feel that they count and no longer want to surround themselves with identical objects to millions of others, but look for small works of art designed and made exclusively for them, reaching the boundaries of the impossible in arranging the capillarization of the project.